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Yoga Volunteer Training course- award of Yoga Volunteer Training Certificates to the participants

The Yoga Certification Board, Ministry of AYUSH have initiated the Common Yoga Protocol Programme (CYP) –Yoga Volunteer Training Programme (VVT) at national and international level.   This offers an opportunity to the participants to obtain a “Yoga Volunteer” certificate from the YCB, the country’s apex body for certification in the field of yoga. The Yoga Volunteer Training Course consists of the following 4 stages;

Stage       Practices                                          Days           Hours

I              Yoga Appreciation Programme      4 days        3 Hrs   (45 mins daily)

II            CYP – Introduction Programme     12 days       18 Hrs (90 mins daily)

III          CYP –Yoga Sadhana                          6 days          9 Hrs   (90 mins daily)

IV          CYP – Self Practice,                           2 days          6 Hrs

                  Assessment & Certification

                                                            Total      24 days      36 Hrs

3. While the course is offered free of cost, there would be a nominal processing fee of Rs. 100/- for Indians and US$5 (SAARC countries) & US$10 (other countries) for theYoga Volunteer Training course.  Yoga Volunteer Training course has four levels, with an overall duration of 36 hours.  The course will begin with the module of the Yoga Appreciation Programme which is of 4 days with daily practice of 45 minutes and then move to the second level, the CYP-Introduction Programme which will be for 12 days with daily practice of 1.5 hours.  Reaching the third level, the CYP-Yoga Sadhana will be for 6 days with daily practice of 1.5 hours.  The final level includes a 2-day (6 hours daily) CYP-Self Practice, Assessment & Certification.

For further details please visit the website of YCB  :  https://yogacertificationboard.nic.in  

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