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Celebration of 25th National Youth Festival from 12th to 13th January 2022

1.    The inauguration of the festival will be done by the Hon’ble Prime Minister at 11:00 AM on 12th January 2022 through virtual mode.

       The links  of inaugural function of 12th January, 2022 is https://pmevents.ncog.gov.in/and the youtube link for live telecas by  the DD News is https://youtu.be/8dC0vuugL9w | https://youtu.be/8dC0vuugL9w 

2.  The link for  virtual events of the festival for the two days (12th -13th Jan, 2022) is https://nyf2022.org

       All, specially Youth and Children, are requested to participate in large numbers from Singapore  in the  Inaugural Event, as well as  the two-day virtual events  to make the festival  a big success.