Affidavit by Foreign Nationals for Child's Passport Passport & Consular

Affidavit by Foreign Nationals for Child's Passport

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Documents required: Please submit the Affidavit form duly filled-up in duplicate and notarized by the notary public (http://www.sal.org.sg/ ) with the following additional clause:

I Also undertake that I will not apply for a Singapore/ foreign passport for my child and in the event of acquiring Singapore / foreign Citizenship, I will surrender the Indian Passport within 3 months'

Please bring the following documents along with photocopies at the time of submission:

  • Original Passport and Identity card of Applicant
  • Copy of Birth certificate of the child 
  • In case of renewal of passport, please include child's current passport details on affidavit form before getting it notarized.

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