Renunciation of citizenship Passport & Consular

Renunciation of citizenship

    An Indian national, including a minor, on acquisition of foreign nationality and Passport, is not entitled to retain his/her Indian Passport and has to immediately surrender his/her passport for cancellation.

    Renunciation of Indian nationality is irrevocable and due care must be exercised in making an application for this purpose. An appointment will thereafter be made for the applicant to be interviewed at the High Commission and sign a declaration that the renunciation is voluntary and that the applicant understands its consequences.

    Applications for renunciation are to be made on the prescribed form available at the High Commission and to be submitted along with following documents and photocopies thereof:

    Apply Here https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in

Documents required:

  • Applicant's passport.

  • Copy of the letter from the Singapore authorities stating that you have been offered Singapore citizenship.

  • Please bring the original letter from Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) for verification.

  • Minors acquiring Singapore Passports also need to cancel their Indian Passports.

  • Indian nationals acquiring citizenship from countries other than Singapore have to bring their passport for cancellation with documentary proof of acquisition of citizenship of the respective country.

  • Attach two recent passport size photos.

  • Sticker form which can be obtained from our outsourcing agents.

Fees, processing time and application centre:click here

Please note that:

  • After renunciation, you will be given a letter stating that your Indian passport has been cancelled and that you are no longer an Indian citizen.

  • Your cancelled passport will also be returned to you.

  • The renunciation certificate will be given to the applicant only at the High Commission premises.

  • On acquisition of foreign citizenship, all Indian nationals should surrender the passport (if acquired before 31/5/2010) or renounce citizenship (after 31.5.2010).

  • Minors who have acquired citizenship (including Certificate of Citizenship) must surrender their passport (if acquired before 31.5.2010) or renounce citizenship (if acquired after 31.5.2010).

  • A person (including minor) is liable to be penalised if after acquisition of foreign nationality, he/she retains the Indian passport beyond three years or travels on it beyond the grace period of three months, on a passport whose final validity expired on or after 1.1.2005.

The fine would be imposed at the following rates:

  • Retention of Indian passport beyond the grace period of 3 years - Rs.10,000/-.

  • For each travel -Rs.10,000/- subject to a maximum travel of 5.

  • If the Indian passport got reissued (after obtaining foreign citizenship /passport), an additional fine of Rs.25000/- would be charged.