Attestation of Documents Passport & Consular

Attestation of Documents

The High Commission attests copies of original documents submitted to it without certifying authenticity of contents. Certificates issued in India are required to be duly Attested/Apostilled by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (Ref: http://mea.gov.in/apostille.htm and https://esanad.nic.in prior to their presentation for attestation by the High Commission. Documents such as Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Education certificate, salary certificate, NRI certificate, Power of Attorney, Affidavits etc. often need attestation by the High Commission. Application form for these services is available on the website www.hcisingapore.gov.in and at the Passport Application Centres and High Commission.  

Documents Required:

  • Sticker form duly filled in (available with Passport Application Centres and at the High Commission)
  • Original documents with 2 sets of copies
  • Photocopy of Identity Card (NRIC/EP/WP) and Indian Passport (first and last pages) along with the original for verification. 

Fees, processing time and application centre: Click here

Applicants requiring attestation on foreign documents such as a Singapore Passport, National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) etc. will need to get these documents notarized first and then submit along with photocopies. Details of notaries are available on http://www.sal.org.sg/

Documents pertaining to a company or commercial establishment such as Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), Article of Association, Bidding of Tenders, Attestation of will, Grants of Probate, Incorporation of Company, Minutes of meeting etc. are required to be attested first by all of the following authorities before submission for attestation. For notarial attestation, please produce company letter explaining the purpose for attestation and references in India.

  • A Notary Public
  • The Singapore Academy of Law
  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

For emergency service, please apply at High Commission directly with an additional emergency processing fee of S$100.00 in CASH.