Power of Attorney Passport & Consular

Power of Attorney

For Indian nationals: The Power of Attorney (POA) has to be executed in person before a Consular Officer in the premises of the High Commission. 

Documents required:

  • Sticker form (available at counters) Two passport size colour photographs
  • Original and photocopy of Power of Attorney
  • Original passport along with a photocopy and Singapore EP/NRIC/WP/Dependent pass/S Pass for verification.

Fees, processing time and application centre:Click here

For Singaporean and Foreign nationals: Non-Indian nationals requiring attestation of Power of Attorney executed by them may note the following requirements before applying at any of the collection centres:

Documents required:

  • Please get the Power of Attorney notarized by a Notary Public along with Photo affixed. Details of notaries are available on http://www.sal.org.sg/
  • Each page of Power of Attorney should be signed by the executor and stamped by Notary Public. Notary should also stamp/sign on photograph.
  • Please bring your National Registration Identity Card (NRIC) or Passport along with a photocopy.

Fees, processing time and application centre:Click here

Documents that are not in English must be accompanied by an official English translation. The applicants can get their documents translated from recognized translators or any gazetted organization like Commissioner of Oaths, Gujarati Society, DAV School etc. Please bring original and copies for attestation of the translated document. 

In case applicant is not an Indian national or the document is made in a country other than India, the document needs to be notarized by a public notary before submission with the authorized collection centre.

Please also note that the POA is required to be registered with the concerned Land Department of the State government within 3 months of its execution.

For same day service, apply at High Commission directly with emergency processing fee of S$100.00 in CASH.