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Birth Certificate

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Birth Certificate

The High Commission, when issuing a passport to children born in Singapore to Indian parents, will also register the birth of the child. This is to be registered within one year of the birth. The birth certificate of the child issued by Singapore authorities may please be got attested by the High Commission, if needed, after getting it duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore for it to be considered valid in India in future. Indian nationals who do not have their original birth certificate can also be issued a temporary birth certificate on the basis of their passport. Applicant has to come in person to apply for this. Application form can be downloaded from the website and submitted along with the following documents. Forms are also available free of charge at Passport Application Centres and at the High Commission.

 Documents required:

  • Passport in original along with photocopy of the first and the last page.
  • NRIC/EP/WP/SP card in original along with a photocopy.
  • Parents are also required to submit a declaration that the child does not hold passport of any other country.

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