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Consular Services Fees

CONSULAR SERVICE FEES w.e.f.01 April 2021
Annexure – 6
Matter in respect of which a fee is leviable TOTAL
Attestation of documents - civil, trade/commercial and real estate/moveable property
1 (A) Attestation of affidavits/documents pertaining to sale, purchase, power of attorney, mortgage, transfer, gift, etc. of real estate or moveable properties or issue of a document by a Consular Officer pertaining to such matters. 30
1 (B) Where a Consular Officer draws up or assists in drawing up any document mentioned in 1 (A) above 57
2(A) Attestation of civil documents (affidavits, educational degree, sponsorship certificates, marriage certificates, wills, Power of Attorney etc. 17
2(B) Where a Consular Officer draws up or assists in the drawing up of any document mentioned in item 2(A) above as per Consular Manual. 30
3(A) Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate ‘country of origin etc.’ pertaining to exports from foreign country to India. 71
3(B) Attestation of Trade/Commercial documents or issue of any certificate pertaining to exports from India to a foreign country. • 30
Marriage fee
4. A Consular Officer solemnizing a marriage, registration of a marriage certificate and a certified copy of the entry(all). 71
Fees in respect of merchant shipping
5(A) Attestation of documents pertaining to sale, purchase, mortgage, transfer of vessel or transfer of one's interest in merchant vessel. 352
5(B) Attestation of other documents pertaining to ship/vessel for issue of a certificate or verification or acceptance of a document or taking any action as per Chapter IX of the Consular Manual on ‘Merchant Shipping’. The Shipping Company (or Captain of vessel on behalf of Company) being applicant/payee of consular fee. 71
5(C) Attestation of documents of issue of certificates to a sailor as per Chapter IX of the Consular Manual on ‘Merchant Shipping’ (individual sailor being applicant for his individual use). 17
Fee in respect of other services
6(A) For administration or distribution, or both of the property situated in country, of the Consular Officer’s residence, of an Indian citizen or any other person, not being a seaman, dying intestate, or if not intestate, when undertaking in the absence of legally competent representative of the deceased in country of his death or a request of legal heirs of deceased living in India as the case may be. 352
6(B) If such property is in country of concurrent accreditation of a Consular Officer. 1384
6(C) Issue of succession certificate as laid down in the Consular Manual.  
7. Services requiring visits or attendance of a Consular Officer on request of an applicant away from chancery.  
-8(A) Attestation of pension papers, life certificate etc. pertaining to pensioners. 0
8(B) For affixing Consular Officer’s signature and seal, if required, for declarations of pay or pension. 0
9(A) Other miscellaneous attestations, issue of civil certificates, notarial services as per Consular Manual, not falling within any of above categories, registration of birth & a certified copy of the entry. 30
9(B) Where Consular Officer draws up or assists in drawing up of any documents pertaining to services mentioned at item 9(A) above. 57
9(C) Registration of death & a certified copy of the entry with the proviso that HOM/HOP may waive these charges at his discretion. 30
10 Cancellation of Indian passport of an Indian national who dies abroad.  
Note: The rates are per attestation and the pages on which Mission/Post’s round seal is affixed will not be charged extra.